This is photography you can feel...

My photography is much more than just a picture on a wall. My images are conversation starters, mood setters and storytellers that invite viewers into my mind and to how I see the world.

Open at Folkestone Harbour Arm

You are always welcome to visit me at The Folkestone Harbour Marketplace every weekend.

Browse a range of my work and take a piece away or place your order with me in person.

Always happy to discuss my story, chat about stroke or answer any questions.

Hut 31
Folkestone Harbour Marketplace
CT20 1QH

Perfectly Imperfect

Creating safe spaces for stroke survivors to use photography as therapy

Running in 2024, Perfectly Imperfect is a programme of creative activity developed by myself. It will enable those who have experienced a stroke or brain injury to use photography as part of their recovery. 

Working in collaboration with the Horsebridge Arts Centre,  we will be creating a safe space for those also affected to explore and experience the benefits or photography as therapy and celebrate their achievements in an exciting photographic exhibition this November.

This programme has been made possible thanks to funding provided by the Henry Smith Foundation

More information coming soon, but in the meantime please subscribe to my emails or contact me if this may be of interest to you.


There's A Story Behind Every Image

"I want every picture I take to ask more questions then it answers. I want you to make up your own story each time you look at them - all I do is write the first chapter"


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Transform spaces with my photography

My mission is to provide gallery quality images that effortless elevate any living or office space.

Each image is a work of art that is a testament to my passion for photography and unwavering commitment to quality.

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Hidden behind the camera

Using my photography as a springboard, as the inner strength that drives me, I want to inspire, encourage, and motivate other stroke survivors to look forward – one small step at a time.

My Stroke Story