About Me

There is a story to tell...

My name is Andy. I suffered a stroke in October 2018 which was caused by a hole in my heart. The stroke left me partially sighted and I only have vision in my right eye - which explains my slightly different perspective on the world, and why you'll often see me bumping into things. The stroke also left me with epilepsy.

Photography is my therapy. It has really helped both my recovery and my mental health so, my aim is to raise awareness of stroke in people of a young age through my images and to show people the power of creativity after trauma.

By purchasing one of my images from my website, you're donating to a charity that supports people in their recovery from brain injury.

If you like my photos, please share my story and my work with as many people as you can.

If you’re interested to know more about my stroke story or if you'd like to work with me then I would love to hear from you. Drop me an email and I will be more than happy to chat.

My Art Store is always open to purchase from my portfolio and remember that 10% of profits are in aid of Different Strokes.