My Stroke Story


In October 2018 my world was literally turned upside down when I suffered an ischemic stroke caused by a blood clot clogging an artery in my brain.

In the UK, over 100,000 people suffer a stroke or mini stroke every year. While most are over the age of 65, one in four happen in younger people. That’s nearly 40,000 people a year including young children.

Two thirds of people who suffer a stroke find themselves living with a disability and 40% of stroke survivors experience anxiety and depression. The effects of a stroke mean many people have to give up careers and jobs they love.

All of these apply to me; I live with two disabilities; I suffer with anxiety and depression and I had to give up my long term career.

Using my photography as a springboard, as the inner strength that drives me, I want to inspire, encourage, and motivate other stroke survivors to look forward – one small step at a time.

As a thank you to those that continue to help me and countless other survivors and their families, 10% of all profits from my photography sales are in aid of Different Strokes. A stroke charity that relentlessly help people reclaim their lives through active peer support.